Benefits Of A Recumbent Bike

Now let’s take a look at some benefits which you will be getting out of using a best recumbent bike. These benefits will help you in both getting the health benefits of using a recumbent bike as well as help you in losing weight effectively.

Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises use the most large muscle groups such as the hamstrings and quadriceps as well as the muscles on your buttocks. Pedaling on a recumbent bike is a kind of cardio and this might help you to improve your body’s ability to use oxygen by strengthening your lungs and heart. Regular cardio can help causing a decrease in your blood pressure and heart rate which will in essence make your breathing easier. But consult your doctor first before starting any sort of cardio, which includes recumbent biking as well.

As you do cardio on the best recumbent bikes, you will be targeting different muscles of your body. There is couple of body parts which the recumbent bikes can work on. The muscles of specially your legs, thighs, abs etc. get worked more vigorously as you work on recumbent bikes.



The gluteus muscles, more widely known as the glutes are the major muscles that compose your buttock portion. You move these muscles every time your thigh goes from a position closer to your body to a straightened position. This motion is called an extension. Whenever your leg extend and push down on the pedal of a recumbent bike, you are doing an extension, thus working on your gluteus muscles. If you want to work on your bottom portion with a recumbent bike, you need to do the extension motion often.


The hamstrings reside on the back of the upper thigh portion. The hamstrings muscles’ main function is to flex the knees. This action is activated when the lower leg goes from a straight position to a bent down position while pedaling on the recumbent bike. They activate along with the quad muscles to draw the foot back to the top of the pedal. The best recumbent bike will help you work on your hamstrings muscle by making you strengthen them as you work out on the knees portion.


The quads are the large muscles which are at the front of your thighs. They are functioning as knee flexors. When you push on the bike pedals of the recumbent bike, the quads get worked on to assist the glutes muscles. They help draw the leg back up on the top of the pedaling motion as well. The adductors, which are the smaller muscles on the inner sides of the quads, also get recruited with this motion. The best recumbent bike work on the quads muscle to assist with your other muscles in the pedaling motion.


The calves are below the knees and on the lower back part of the legs. Calves muscles are made of various portions with separate names. Every time you point your toes downward while pedaling on the best recumbent bike, you are working on your calf muscles. This motion is called the planter flexion. The planter flexion will help make your calves stronger. This way, your calves will get benefitted and you will be able to run faster and better with better footing.

Tibilais Anterior

These muscles oppose the Calves muscles. They run down on the front of the shins. During pedaling as you move your legs, these muscles get worked on when your toes point back towards your body. The muscles on your shins will get stronger and help you in getting stronger legs as you pedal away on the best recumbent bike.


The abs or abdominal muscles are stabilizers that get worked on as you pedal on the best recumbent bike. The abdominal muscles help balance your upper body. They promote drive strength as you crank as well. The cranking will get your abs moving and increase your core body strength.

All in all, the recumbent bike pedaling lets you work on large body muscles as you pedal and works on various areas of your body such as the legs, thighs, buttock, upper body etc. 


Increased Core Strength

The pedaling method of recumbent bikes utilizes the muscles on your legs, thighs and buttocks to build into more lean body mass. Pedaling also burns calories, making it easier to do your weight management to maintain your desired weight. Recumbent bikes also build strength in the lower extremities which can be used for rehabilitation exercises to help the elderly people do step up and sit to stand movements easily.

Safety Measures

Recumbent bikes are stationary and thus considered to be much safer than upright bikes. This is the reason why recumbent bikes are used more in rehab facilities. Recumbent bikes offer back support along with larger seating area. Another benefit is that recumbent bikes are lower to the ground, making it easier for rehab patients or the elder people to get on and off the recumbent bike without incurring a lot of hassle. This is also the reason why people of any age can use the recumbent bike easily and efficiently.

Comfortable to Use

The recumbent bike is more comfortable compared to the upright bike, thanks to the back rest, larger seat and semi reclining position of the seat. Some people have reported to have experience pain the buttocks due to the smaller size of the seats on upright bikes. Upright bikes do not have any back rest option either, which might make the backs become strained or tired due to the lack of the back support. The best recumbent bike doesn’t have any such issues. People with arthritis will have a better time working on a recumbent bike compared to an upright one as recumbent bike places less strain on the hip and knees by extending the angle of the knee joint so that the knee and hip are not flexing a lot with each rotation.

Extend the Workout Session

Well, You are more likely to stick to your exercise routine while using a recumbent bike compared to the upright bike, as a rule of thumb. At the same time, you are also likely to work out for a longer period of time because of the same reason. We don’t think you are not likely to continue pedaling after feeling pain on the buttock and back area of your body. You are also less likely to get back on the bike to pedal the next day after experiencing pain the day before. The best recumbent bike keeps your body comfortable and pain free and as a result, you are more likely to push yourself and to stick to your exercise routine on a recumbent bike. Best recumbent bike makes you more disciplined and organized as well as more concern towards your well being.

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